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Six Langhorne Creek wineries have joined forces with Monarto Safari Park in a unique regional partnership to support ZoosSA’s conservation efforts and work to protect endangered animal species.

Kimbolton Wines, Bleasdale, Bremerton, Lake Breeze, The Winehouse and Vineyard Road have each offered part proceeds from one of their wines to support Monarto Safari Park’s breeding programs for six animals.

Now you can jump on board and help as well! Visit our ‘G4G’ wineries, taste their wines and buy a bottle.

And take a trip to Monarto to see the animals thriving in their home away from home. It’s only a 30 minute’s drive from Langhorne Creek.

join the trail

Here are three ways to get involved:

  • Self-drive and taste wines at some or all of the six participating Langhorne Creek cellar doors
  • Tasting Trail (self-drive/ $150 per person). You receive a specific itinerary for each of the cellar doors where you get to try the G4G wines and have a small food course paired with each wine (like a mini degustation / progressive dinner). This also includes a voucher to visit Monarto Safari Park on another day.  

Book your self-drive tour at any participating winery or via this link: Grapes for Good Tasting Trail – Monarto Safari Park

You can also experience the above Tasting Trail with luxury transport by Juggle House Experiences, led by tour guide Kelly Kuhn: Juggle House Experiences | SA Tour Hosting | Grapes for Good

six wines for good

Bleasdale Vineyards

Mulberry Tree Cabernet Sauvignon
For many, the name Mulberry Tree is synonymous with Bleasdale. Named after the century-old mulberry tree in the vineyard, this is an ever-reliable Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of mixed berries, dark chocolate and violets, finishing with soft and subtle tannins.

Supporting the Plains Zebra
With numbers decreasing in the wild, the plains zebras could soon be in a ‘stripe’ of trouble.

As Langhorne Creek’s founding winery, with more than 170 years of history, Bleasdale is proud to be partnering with Monarto Safari Park and Zoos SA to contribute to help save plains zebra from extinction.

Bremerton wines

Mollie & Merle Verdelho
Verdelho is perfectly suited to Langhorne Creek’s climate and growing conditions. Bremerton chose to make a fresh, vibrant style expressing pure varietal characters. Using only free run juice results in a clean, focused Verdelho with perfumed citrus aromas, a bright and textural palate with fine acid balance and great length of flavour.

Supporting the Ring-tailed Lemur
Cute they may be, but ring-tailed lemurs are in deep trouble in the wild, classified as endangered with habitat loss and poaching the biggest threats to the wild population. Bremerton Wines is proud to support Monarto Safari Park and Zoos SA to help ring-tailed lemurs stay a leap ahead of extinction!

Kimbolton wines

Fiano is an ancient Italian wine grape variety, well suited to the growing conditions in Langhorne Creek. This Fiano shows crisp, citrus characters with delicious fresh pear, honey hints and a rich texture on the palate. Drink now, either on its own, with fresh seafood or a delicious goats cheese tart.

Supporting the Giraffe
The gentle giants of the savannah, giraffes need our help. With less than 70,000 estimated to still roam their home in Africa these animals are at risk of extinction.

The population decline has been referred to as a ‘Silent Extinction’. That’s why Kimbolton Wines are joining forces with Monarto Safari Park and Zoos SA to raise funds for giraffe conservation before it’s too late.

lake breeze wines

The ‘Bernoota’ Shiraz/Cabernet blend shows dark fruit characters of blackberry and plums, with a hint of choc mint. The palate encompasses all the trademark Langhorne Creek fruit sweetness and soft tannins.

Supporting the Bongo
Bongo are a critically endangered member of the Antelope family, only found in Kenya. They are facing ongoing population decline with less than 100 individuals estimated to be left in the wild. Lake Breeze Wines are proud to contribute sales from this classic Australian blend towards helping Monarto Safari Park and Zoos SA save this species and many others from extinction. Enjoy a bottle of ‘Bernoota’ (Shiraz/Cabernet) with friends, knowing you are supporting this great cause.

vineyard road

Our signature Langhorne Creek Shiraz displays lifted aromas of spice, dark cherry and plum. The palate is rich with full-flavoured forest fruits and vanilla, finishing with delicate soft tannins. It was vinified using a combination of fermentation styles and American oak.

Supporting the Meerkat
Just like a well-made Shiraz, you’ll be pressed to find someone who doesn’t love meerkats. They’re social, full of personality and a little bit cheeky – just like our team at Vineyard Road! This is a reliable red to be enjoyed with your favourite partner in crime. And knowing you’re supporting Monarto Safari Park and Zoos SA’s conservation work makes it even more enjoyable.

The Winehouse

Gipsie Jack Dolcetto Rosé
Parcels of premium Dolcetto fruit from the Pasquin Vineyard in Langhorne Creek are at the core of the Gipsie Jack Rosé. This Rosé offers lifted aromatics of rose oil and florals, with hints of hand-crafted boiled lollies and strawberries and cream.

Supporting the African Painted Dog
Gipsie Jack is a story of mateship, tales of helping out when times are tough and celebrating when they’re good. The team at Gipsie Jack hopes you enjoy this wine with your mates. Pour yourself a glass knowing you’re helping our friends at Monarto Safari Park and Zoos SA protect one of the world’s most endangered mammals, the African painted dog.

G4G Wins Global Recognition

Grapes for Good received recognition at the 2023 Great Wine Capitals Network Best of Wine Tourism Awards, winning the ‘Tourism Collaboration Excellence’ award for its success in inter-region and cross-sectoral tourism collaboration.

From this South Australian award, the G4G experience went on to be recognised at the Network’s 2023 international conference in Argentina, and bestowed a Best of Wine Tourism Global Award.

The awards are part of South Australia’s membership in the prestigious Great Wine Capitals Global Network. Membership to the network acknowledges excellence in grape and wine production and highlights the world’s finest wine tourism regions.

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