Langhorne Creek – Spreading the Story

Charlotte Hardy, Rob Mack and Turon White | Project 5255 V20

Project 5255 is a ground-breaking winemaking experience that puts Langhorne Creek in front of a new generation of Australian producers.

The project shines a light on the quality and diversity of the region’s fruit by offering three winemakers the chance to make a small-batch wine from two-tonnes of grapes gifted free of charge to the successful program applicants.

Now in its third season, Project 5255 has attracted an array of exceptional talent to discover and explore for the first time what the Langhorne Creek region has to offer in terms of traditional and Mediterranean varieties.  

Mentoring support and guidance by the region’s winemakers and viticulturists from harvest through to bottling are also generously offered as part of the collaboration.

Project 5255 V1 | Vintage 2020

In the first 2020 vintage of Project 5255, three young stars of Australian wine firmament, Charlotte Hardy (Charlotte Dalton Wines), Rob Mack (Aphelion Wines) and Turon White (Turon Wines) produced much-admired editions of Fiano, Malbec and Grenache.

Following her involvement with the Project, Charlotte Hardy continued her connections with the region.

“My interactions with Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine Incorporated were so great. Right from the start I could tell this was an inclusive region that cared for the people who cared about it,” Charlotte said.

“I loved working with Fiano – so much so that I have made it again for the 21’ vintage plus Carignan, Tempranillo and Montepulciano from Langhorne Creek,” she said.

Project 5255 V2 | Vintage 2022

In the 2022 vintage, Natillie Johnston (Tillie J Wines), Riley Harrison (Harrison Wine), and duo Greg Clack/Kate Horstmann (XO Wine Co.) joined the program to make respectively a Grenache, Malbec and Prosecco.

Natillie was the first interstate participant to become involved.

“This was such a fantastic opportunity for small, up-and-coming producers such as myself to find their groove and express their winemaking skills,” Tillie said.

“I also strongly believe that opportunities such as these can lead to amazing outcomes when done in conjunction with sound advice from established mentors along the way,” she added.

It was not just the winemaking that Riley Harrison valued.

“While it was incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to sink my winemaking teeth into some Malbec grapes (a variety synonymous with the region) a large part of my attraction to Project 5255 was driven by the opportunity to spend time within a wine community that I have long admired,” Riley said.

The value of relationships

Project 5255 has garnered interest from winemakers across Australia, giving them an extraordinary opportunity to work with high-end Langhorne Creek fruit for the first time and, in several cases, continue an ongoing relationship with the region.

There has also been top-level media coverage for the innovative project, shedding light on the community’s generous involvement.

Respected wine observer Huon Hooke wrote incisively: “ Langhorne Creek – a region with a past that’s looking very much to the future.”