project 5255 | V24 commences

After two successful vintages and the release of six limited edition wines under Langhorne Creek’s Project 5255, three new winemakers have been selected to take up the opportunity to create something memorable and unique in the project’s third year.

Project 5255, aptly named after the region’s postcode, sees three Australian winemakers from outside the Langhorne Creek region produce a wine using two-tonne of gifted fruit (of their choice) from a local grower that is then to be bottled and sold under their own label.

A rare opportunity to explore the terroir of the Creek, the Project aims to showcase its premium fruit, its experienced winemakers and the region as a go-to destination for first-class wines and wine experiences.

For the project’s third vintage, Anita Goode (Wangolina Wines), Brendon Keys (BK Wines) and Lauren Langfield (Lauren Langfield Wines) will produce a Malbec, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc.

Anita Goode from the Mount Benson wine region on the Limestone Coast has applied every year since the project was announced and was very excited to be selected for the third vintage.

“I think getting regional reputations out and about is really difficult, so naturally when I heard about the Project and what it represented, I instantly wanted to be part of it.”

“My first memories of wine are from Langhorne Creek – it’s part of my personal wine history. Langhorne Creek Malbec was one of my first introductions to wine so it seemed fitting for me to produce a Malbec for this Project.”

creating new legends

Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine Winemaker Committee Chair, Sam Watkins said the Project continued to gain momentum thanks to its stellar line-up of winemakers to date.

“We have been extremely fortunate to have some incredible winemakers take part in Project 5255 so far, not to mention those who have also applied for the Project across the first two years,” he said.

“It really is testament to Langhorne Creek and the value that’s placed on the quality fruit that is grown here. Likewise, the many award-winning winemakers and cellar doors that operate here and are producing world-class wines.”

“Langhorne Creek has its signature varietals that are synonymous with the region. Inviting winemakers to interpret our fruit in their own way is what makes this project so successful. No two wines will ever be the same.”